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Roderick’s personal journey of facing, and overcoming, life’s obstacles is the foundation of his deeply personal and energizing SuccessbyFire trainings and presentations.


Schools, non-profits and businesses have all enjoyed Roderick’s engaging, entertaining and motivating messages of empowerment. Audiences small and large have benefited from Roderick’s skill and professionalism both as a presenter and a trainer.

Roderick is an active member of the community, a loving husband and doting father of five beautiful daughters. His results-driven interest in the young and the mature is reflective of his respect for all individuals seeking a higher sense of purpose, fulfillment and development—no matter their ages or backgrounds.

Born in New Haven, Connecticut and raised from a young age in the District of Columbia, Roderick faced a challenging home environment that created a sense of doubt and a questionable sense of purpose in his young mind. He used his childhood experience to ultimately inspire his path toward self-improvement and the beginning of his foundation toward serving others in need.

He attended seven different schools before dropping out of high school in 1979. After much regret about his decision to quit school, Roderick studied and attained his GED in 1984. Molded by the experiences of his childhood, Roderick set out on a path for success.

Along with over 1,500 candidates, Roderick applied for a District of Columbia firefighter position in 1989. Passing both the written and physical agility exams, Roderick finished in the top 1% of all candidates.

Roderick’s determination to improve his life include a commitment to health and athleticism. Introduced to the martial arts at the age of 24, he committed himself to stringent and disciplined training to reach the level of Black-belt. He has competed in several 10k runs, short-course triathlons, and a 10 mile run (finishing under the two hour time limit).

Roderick is a seasoned member of the Toastmasters International. Numerous audiences, from non-profits to social organizations and local schools, have enjoyed Roderick’s engaging, entertaining, and motivating messages of empowerment.  Many small and large  corporations throughout the region have experienced Roderick’s skill and professionalism as a presenter and trainer.

Roderick is an active member of the community, a loving husband, and father of five beautiful daughters. His interest in the lives of the young members of his family and the community highly reflect his love for the future caretakers of the world.


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