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Fire, Fury, Faith: A Story of Success by Fire is a culmination of lessons learned for optimal success.  I share five proven principles of self-empowerment that will equip you to rescue yourself from the fires that are blazing in your personal and professional life.

“A moving personal account of self-rescue.” — Lorraine Ohara
“The five-step system used will extinguish fires and save lives.” — Mike Shultz

Raise the temperature of your success!

In Life. At work. You have the power.



Roderick K. Mitchell

Motivational Speaker ​& Teamwork Expert

Roderick Mitchell is a personal growth and teamwork expert. He created SuccessbyFire to equip individuals to achieve boundless success using the tactics of skilled firefighter teams. At SuccessbyFire training events, each participant learns to apply proven firefighting principles to harness their full potential. Conquer fears. Confront challenges. Embrace transformation. When contributors are able to perform at a higher level, teams are powered to excel.

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Fueling high performance teamwork:

Experience SuccessbyFire

Through his SuccessbyFire trainings, presentations and keynotes, Roderick combines compelling stories with actionable takeaways to leave a lasting impression on audiences. SuccessbyFire energizes participants to take action.

Roderick skillfully applies proven firefighter tactics to real life challenges to deliver transformative results. He guides participants through a step-by-step process to identify what’s holding them back from achieving their goals, equipping them with the tools they need to power through adversity.

As a speaker, trainer and teamwork expert, Roderick’s decades of experience as a firefighter offers a unique and powerful perspective. Journey with Roderick through SuccessbyFire and learn that what works for forging teams of emergency responders to skillfully fight fires, works equally well for fighting adversity and challenges in life and building high-achieving teams in the workplace.

A master storyteller and motivator, Roderick’s SuccessbyFire message is thoughtfully tailored to your audience and his skills-building approach resonates with people from all walks of life.


Ignite Success. Fuel your teams from the the inside out.

Keynote Speaking
Interactive, tailored keynotes to energize, teach and challenge audiences to take action for success now.
Teamwork Training
Rooted in the firefighting principle of “two in, two out,” teamwork training prepares participants for high performance shared work with a partner.
Leadership Training
Inspired leadership is grounded in personal responsibility, sound judgement and personal commitment—to guide success-driven teams.
What People Say About Roderick & SuccessbyFire
“Roderick rocked the stage! He had us crying because we were laughing so hard. [He] really connected with the audience and truly wants the best for the. Would hire him back in a second.”

Craig Mathew

CEO/Chief Thinkologist, Big Think Innovation

“Roderick’s style, story and strategies engaged our residents and challenged their thinking. His message is powerful and universal, as evidenced by his ability to connect and be relatable to our all-women audience.”

James Brown, MSW

Director of Programs, New Endeavors by Women

“Mr. Mitchell engaged [the] audience with his clever humor and emphatically connected with their feelings, emotions and thoughts while challenging them to think beyond themselves.”

Jane Spears

Teacher, DC Prep/Benning Elementary Campus

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